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Why Have My Business Online?
Imagine your business doors never closing, interacting with thousands of potential clients viewing your products or services - 24/7! That's what having an online presence can do for your business when done right!
Will My Website Show Up In Google Or Bing?
The number one question is more likely to be - 'will my new website be on the first page on Google?' The simple answer to that is 'NO'....not straight away! Were you disappointed by that answer? More likely shocked that we told you the truth; however, some ways can increase your web presence, which we focus on, such as Local SEO (search engine optimisation), a well-designed website, the copy (text content) of your website. All these factors will drive your website forward in creating more leads and sales when your business shows up naturally in the results pages on Google or Bing.
How Much Does A Website Cost?
So really, the question should be, 'how much is your business worth to you?' We don't just build websites; we create a marketing hub for your online presence to allow your business to grow. Such as:
.The design of the website
.Creative copywriting for the project
.Background marketing of your competitors
.Implementing SEO
.Tweaks to the website content
.Managed PPC Accounts
.Maintenance and product licensing
Free Domain Name?
Your domain name remains free for you to use whilst you are using the  hosting services provided by BuildYourWebsite.UK.

Domains included are: .uk/ .com/ .net/ .org/ .info/

We provide fast Cloud Hosting technology for your website to run smoothly, powered by 100% Green Energy. Take advantage of our advanced Cloud Hosting with lightning speed servers where processing is faster than ever before!
From Basic entry-level to Premier hosting all from the Cloud, sophisticated hosting that is scalable, secure, fast & reliable. We're committed to providing our customers with internet services of the highest calibre at a low cost - including website hosting, email services and e-commerce solutions.

Basic Hosting Package
Basic Hosting - £15 per month, ideal for single landing pages.

1 x Email Account
1 GB Storage Space
Free SSL Certificate
Standard SSD

Payment: Standing Order/ Monthly

Standard Hosting Package
Standard Hosting (recommended) - £25 per month, perfect for growing businesses and e-commerce websites.

3 x Email Account
5 GB Storage Space
Free SSL Certificate
Site Monitored
CDN Boosted
Web Cached (Standard Installed)
Standard SSD

Payment: Standing Order/ Monthly

Premier Hosting Package
Premier Hosting - £65 per month, built for speed and growth using powered Premium NVME SSD.

10 x Email Account
30 GB Storage Space
Free SSL Certificate
Site Monitored
CDN Boosted
Web Cached (Premium Installed)
Premium NVMe SSD

Payment: Standing Order/ Monthly

We all need support from time to time, and running an online business is no different. That is why, dependent on the hosting package you chose, we will help during regular business hours and monitor your website 24/7.

Read more about our 'Site Monitoring' section

Need support? - Please use the online form.
Telephone Support - Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm
The amount of space allocated to emails is governed by the size of the storage space you, the client, has purchased in your hosting package. Your website, including database(s), will take a large proportion of that space; for it to store and operate correctly, the remainder can then be divided up into individual mailboxes where your emails are stored.

Email Limits Basic and Standard Packages

Emails/hour sending limit - 1000
Up to 20MB attachment size

Email Limits Premier Package
Emails/hour sending limit - 5000
Up to 50MB attachment size

All emails sent and received must comply with UK Law, to comply legally please read the following advice ICO - Information Commission Office
GB Storage?
Storage space is measured in Gigabytes (GB) and is the amount of space held on a server, the foundation of where your online web presence is stored, and integral to how your online business scales and operates. With affordable hosting prices, we also offer flexibility to hosting plans that customers love because they're easy to manage and upgrade as their business grows. Contact Support for further details.
Getting Your Business Noticed!
We create websites with local SEO built-in, so they target local web search results, as 97% of consumers searching on the web reach immediately for local businesses online.
Build Sales Quick With 'Pay Per Click'
Website launched, now you need quick start hits to make leads into sales conversions? The solution is with an interim period of advertising through PPC (pay per click) until your business starts getting noticed in the results pages for free (organic listings). We manage your PPC for you, tweaking the advertisements to suit your services or products so they show up higher on the results pages.
Website Security?
We are continuously active in security solutions against malicious attacks from third parties; that is why we offer advice to our clients on best safety practices on how to protect their websites. We also install security features that run in the background of each website as standard practice.
However, clients must be aware of all Internet use vulnerabilities, particularly with 'free wifi' access in public areas to update their website content; we highly recommend using a VPN to minimise data breaches in these cases.
Site Monitoring?
If you purchased the Standard or Premier hosting packages, your site is monitored 24/7 in the eventuality of a fault which causes the website to go off-line. We are then notified, and an investigation into what is causing the error is started as soon as possible; your site will temporarily be placed into 'maintenance mode' until fully remedied.
All Basic packages are NOT monitored, resulting sometimes in a long downtime should an error occur.
For those clients using the Basic package, it is their responsibility to check their site is up and working correctly at all times. In the event of an error, please contact support for further investigation into your problem.

What causes errors and downtime?
Updates to the latest theme template on which your website is based or other third-party software such as plugins that are not compatible can sometimes cause errors or downtime of your website, as well as malicious acts known as hacking.

CDN boost?
A CDN is a network of servers distributed around the world that store content closer to end users, reducing latency. A CDN will improve loading time and reduce costs for all surfers looking up your content on the Internet.
Standard Hosting - allocated 5 GB of CDN Boost per month.
Premier Hosting- allocated 20 GB of CDN Boost per month.

Web Cache?
What does Web Cache do?

A cache is a collection of temporarily stored data for quick access upon request. In computers, information is usually stored on hard disk. When it is requested, a computer needs to run several processes before the information can be presented well and this in turn may take some time. A web cache solves this issue by processing the frequently requested information and then storing it in a temporary storage or memory which results in speedier loading times for your website!

Implementing Web Cache

Third party plugins are used for web caching of the websites we design and produce here at
The Standard Web Cache plugin offers great value for those businesses new to online services, whilst the Premium Web Cache supplied by the plugin WP-Rocket moves your website to another level, a real game changer in website speed.

Both Standard and Premier packages offer faster speeds due to the caching capabilities that they have, don't just take our word for it, try a website speed test using GTmetrix.
Premium NVMe SSD?
Premium NVMe SSD storage connects to CPU via PCIe interface within the server, offering fast data transfer speeds for online websites compared to SATA disk drives. NVMe can read and write 2000 MB/s on the go, while SATA 3 is limited to 600 MB/s. So for businesses looking to boost up their website as quickly as possible, this is your new best friend.
Both Basic and Standard pricing plans run on modern Samsung SSD storage which run faster than older physical hard drives; though not as fast as NVMe SSD.

SSL Certificate?
Every website hosted by BuildYourWebsite.UK comes with an installed free SSL Certificate provided by Lets's Encrypt. The certificate offers safety through encryption of data throughout your website, showing your customers by a 'padlocked' symbol that your site is protected.
When you see a website hosted by us with https:// at the start of the domain name, you know that all data transmissions between your browser and this URL are protected from eavesdropping, tampering, and message forgery thanks to Secure Sockets Layer technology (SSL).
Don't worry about the price; we'll make your website affordable. We require a 50% upfront payment with the final payment upon completion. Each website requires hosting, including support; our fees are charged by monthly Standing Order for the services we supply.

Upgrades are simply a must-have if you want to keep your website running smoothly. We offer upgrades, not only as your business website grows but from day one should you realise that perhaps you need additional web storage space or further added email accounts.
Complete the 'Upgrade Form' for a free price appraisal; we don't bite; we want to help your business succeed.