Local SEO

Search engine optimisation.

SEO is the process of generating natural organic traffic to a website using targeted keywords and key phrases wthin the content and coding, without having to pay using a Pay Per Click (PPC) facility.
The process is not an instant fix to getting you on the first page of a search result for your product or service, it is however a slow correct method of that can over time safe the business owner but a
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Backlinks, do they really work help?

How does creating backlinks on websites and directories improve my position in Google or Bing? Listing your website to particular directories is very important, as quality inbound links can increase web traffic by improving your natural listings in the search results. We target niche sites and directories; your website will then become better positioned in the main search engines over time.
Backlinks in Google
Local SEO

Website Loading Time

The page speed of a website can have a dramatic effect on how it is positioned in the search results page of Google; so say CNET the tech people who are in the know. Click here to read their views on why fast websites make for more sales and better positioning in Google.
Techradar also offer a more up to date view in regard to Google punishing slower websites in favour of the those that work faster for the consumer.
Webmasters and digital agencies use tools such as GTmetrix; the free tool that evaluates how your website performs in relation to its page speed loading time. Concerned with the results? Then perhaps you need to speak to us to assess and make changes on your behalf?
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